I am a designer
This is my portfolio for all the world to see


The portfolio pieces featured have been completed before the time of posting. Some of these are pitches for certain projects and briefs, while others are personal projects.

  • Penguin Book Covers

    Penguin Book Covers

    A series of Penguin book covers recreated in a similar illustrative style. Created with gouache paint and later edited in Photoshop and InDesign.

  • Wild Pig Craft Brew

    Wild Pig Craft Brew

    A logo and beer label designed for Kinns Ale Brewing company. The label was designed for a unique way of looking at beer labels, the silhouette of the pig becomes clear when the bottle is turned around.

  • Taylor Magazin

    Taylor Magazine

    A cover designed for Taylor magazine issue 01 and subsequent pages; editors letter, contributors and content.

  • Cucina Colosseo Packaging

    Cucina Colosseo Packaging

    A pizza box, pasta sauce label and pasta packaging designed for Cucina Colosseo with emphasis on a market for sophisticated and high end food.

  • Alexander McQueen

    Alexander McQueen Biography

    A hardcover and back designed for a biography that looks into the world of Alexander McQueen's fashion taste and style.

  • AGDA Posters

    AGDA Posters

    A series of posters designed for the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) for a series of seminars that were being held in various cities in Australia.

  • Onkler

    Onkler Lookbook and seasonal campaign images

    A pitch presented to Onkler, a sunglasses company for their 2015/2016 promotional campaign season.

  • Prowling Brand design

    PROWLING Brand and Design

    Created a brand from scratch for a design company; including the logo, colours, fonts, textures, business cards and website design.

  • Big Day Out Rebrand

    Big Day Out Re-brand

    A re-brand of the Big Day Out Australian music festival.

  • Prowling Font


    A hand drawn font that was created specifically for the PROWLING brand at the same time as the logo, and brand identity.

  • Who am I?

    I am a graphic designer, traditional illustrator, lover of colour, appreciator of style. I love a challenge and will embrace the new and strange with open arms! ;)

    Keira McGovern

    Graphic Designer


    Layout & Publishing

    Posters, articles, typography design, book covers, wedding invitations and custom.

    Branding & Logos

    Rebranding, new brands, logo's, business cards, miscellaneous business stationary.


    Services that require illustrations, vector and traditional paintings.

    Photo Editing

    Wedding photos, family photos, portraits, magazine photos and custom.